What is the CakeFaerie?

'The CakeFaerie' consists of delivering biscuits/cakes to our other members as a means of meeting them. Email Altwelcome-general *at* ! for more.

This activity is obviously 100 percent harmless and 1000 percent friendly. We have a few Rules to smoothly ensure this, that you must read in order to participate... If in doubt, ask the Great CakeFaeries In The Sky (persons appointed to oversee this).

What we do is as follows.

0) SIGNUPS. You can join in too by emailing the Great Cake Faeries (Altwelcome-general *at* your



Means by which Cake can reach you: at least one of

* where in College your pigeonhole is

* your address

* that you'd like us to send you a CakeFaerie Identifier Badge.

Notes: [mention Allergies here, or whether you are a Vegetarian or Vegan. To a certain extent, comments like "No Custard Creams" or "I Haaaate Raisins!" will be considered. You're also welcome to tell us what your pronouns are, here, if you wish :)].

There is no deadline for joining :)

* Whether you'd like to be an Active CakeFaerie.

1) The Great CakeFaeries In The Sky will sometimes suggest that Active CakeFaeries offer cake to specific other CakeFaeries. Your doing so is entirely voluntary :) Though, if you do carry out the suggested delivery, you should very briefly notify the Great CakeFaeries so that they don't need to summon further CakeFaeries to that particular address at that particular point in time.

2) You deliver to the person's hand, to their door as per below, or to their pigeonhole with a "from The CakeFaerie" note (we now send our participants printable CakeFaerie Notes for you to write on the reverse of!)

3) Active CakeFaeries who do give out slices of cake to othe CakeFaeries may then be awarded your own Wand to carry during missions!

Active CakeFaeries sometimes go round CakeFaerie-ing in 2's or 3's.

4) Moreover, we note that as a society we are strong on passive participants' rights to get a good deal out of activities.

So. You are very welcome to be part of us, regardless of whether you are an Active CakeFaerie :)

5) Interacting via the CakeFaerie Badge .

6) The Silly CakeFaeries' Chainwriting option, in collaboration with Sheila and her Dog: another of our Safer Space societies. Click on the button for more:

7) The Duelly CakeFaeries option, in collaboration with Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting Click on the button for more:

8) Term by Term, the CakeFaerie has the following additional features.

Easter "Relieving Exam Stress" option

Michaelmas "Freshers and Socs" option This is when, for now, most Duelling and Chainwriting occurs.

Lent "CakeFaerie Siblings" option (There is also CakeFaerie Parenting, like College Parenting but between CakeFaeries, every term.)

9) In fact, the CakeFaeries' Safer Spaces strive to do all good things that nobody else does.

We support good peoples who so far have been largely overlooked elsehere; some of these are highly invisible peoples.

The CakeFaerie is but the most commonly encountered activity of the Safer Spaces, as well as the most commonly encountered of our Mythical Creatures. (Compare the Ace and Trans* Unicorns widely established since the 2000's, Genderfluid Deer of the Time-variable Watery Antlers, the Survivor Phoenix...).

On these grounds, note that not all our Safer Space meetings or activities are called "CakeFaerie".

Some are called Sheila and her Dog (Chainwriting and mostly indoor meets) and Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting (outdoor meets including some running around).

Note: Support Groups that are inclusive of Closeted people require three types of participant: those in need of the Safer Space, those helping out, and those who are there for the fun of the activity. Closeted people can then pose as being among the for-fun participants.

The Silly CakeFaeries' Chainwriting is an activity of this nature and so are the Duelly CakeFaeries' Battles and Duels.

On the other hand, Safer Meetings which are called "CakeFaerie" include occasional baking sessions with the Bakey CakeFaeries, "group raids" to CakeFaerie rooms, pigeonholes and/or looking for badge-wearing CakeFaeries (with the Scouty CakeFaeries, and the CakeFaeries' Teashop Crawl.

Scouty CakeFaeries and Duelly CakeFaeries also serve as preparation for Allies and for learning and practising Personal Safety. This involves covering what many peoples badly left out elsewhere in life specifically wish for in Allies (or for our own use). Presented in a particularly harmless and therefore approachable form, as also requested by these people.

10) Listeny CakeFaeries, on the other hand, do e.g. CakeFaerie Parenting, and working on Awareness webpages (see below). We assist e.g. newcomers and e.g. vulnerable people in finding societies where they feel welcome and valued. This extends to suggesting societies beyond our own safer space ones.

11) Doing all of these things means that we are not easily characterized (other than by doing all good things that nobody else does!) What is foremost here is why we do things, rather than what the activities consist of.


Click on the below button

for what we're doing at the moment; new items eventually for the Awareness pages usually arrive here first during termtime.

An Archive of past terms' CakeFaerie Activities is here :)

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Duelly CakeFaeries Silly CakeFaeries Listeny Faeries' recommended Socs Listeny Faeries' Helplines

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To join, mail altwelcome-general *at*