* So we've been through 2 decades' worth of feedback from Fluid Peoples, these people of ours now feeling safe enough for their points to be made anonymously in the public domain.

* In outline, we start by having Genderfluid awareness, including understanding how such were oppressed in LGBT communities in the 80's, 90's and 00's.

Followed by Switches giving a similar account of their oppression in BDSM communities, and Ace Spectrum people talking about Demi and Grey, and Survivors talking about PTSD-induced long-term temporary Aceness (and/or Aroness).

We've also had some people start to mention SAx-Fluidity (Social Anxiety Fluidity), and some are talking of their Million-Labelness to Acategorical transition as a type of Fluidity.

* So, aside from the by now elsewise well-known GenderFluid people,

there is the general

and other specific ones such as

Ace Fluidity

Social Anxiety Fluidity

Orientation Fluidity

Kink Fluidity (including Switches)


Survivors in Transit (e.g. Fluidity between being an Avoidant Survivor and being a Confrontational Survivor)

is of this general nature as well.

There are of course some further cases. Any spectral characteristic can manifest itself Fluidly :)