Activists don't like some aspects of 'the system' and try to 'change' these.

Anactivists, on the other hand, view 'the System and Activists trying to change the system' as but a slightly larger version of 'the system'.

Anactivists are often Conscientious Objectors not only to 'the sytem' but also to what some of 'the Activists' get up to.

Anactivists often take the view that 'might is right' is unacceptable, with reference both to 'the system's' use of 'might' and the Activists' use as well.

Anactivism is spectral, so Anactivists differ in what we consider to be acceptable for ourselves.

Anactivists very often consider the ideas that 'change' as conventionally conceived, and 'demanding change of others' as currently conceived are in fact types of bullying used by one kind of 'might is right' individual or group against another kind of such.

A common phrase among us is that "we do Not Consent to be 'represented' by anyone who is abusive, shouts, or makes threats".

As regards the effectiveness of what Anactivists do do, we feel boosted by how Ace Awareness and improving welfare and services for Aces has very largely not been based on shouting abuse, making threats or preconceptions that a group 'only gets to have rights' once 'enough of their blood has been shed'.

Anactivists Adopted the Anaconda as our Symbol

The Anaconda was wearing a 'T-shirt' saying Conscientious Objector: Gentle Hugs Only.

Ace Anactivists have additionally adopted the Anacondalicorn:

i.e. a cross between the Anactivistic Anaconda and the Ace version of the Alicorn.

More such mascots shall appear here :) There is also a Panaconda and a Trans version of the Anacondalicorn

Anactivism is moreover very important for Avoidant Survivors and Non-Normative Survivors.

And also in the forms of Closet Awareness Anactivism and Shy Awareness Anactivism.

(Compare LGBT Rights Activism; Anactivists often don't use the words or concepts of "Rights" or of "Campaigns". We raise awareness by telling willing listeners, not by attempting to impose ourselves on any, let alone all, others...)

Anactivism e.g. deals with such matters by providing refuges for the affected, far more of whom wish for refuges than to confront anyone, make demands or stand shouting under a placard.


Some Other Anactivistic Links

A discussion of past people stating or exhibiting some anactivistic tenets will go here. The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy will be the first example we give...

The Safer Spaces Mission Statement has been built by taking into account, among other things, anactivistic issues raised.

The Being an Ally webpage.

Some former more Closetedly Anactivistic webpages: Society for the Promotion of Multiple Societies (SOFTPOMS) is also related to Safer Space, Welfare and Survivor issues: how having multiple societies, and societies with 'why's' like 'safer space' being more important than 'what' the society does, can help with these matters.

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