What is the CakeFaeries?

Our largest activity involves Surprise Cake ! Whether as a means of briefly meeting other CakeFaeries, or of Cake materializing in your pigeonhole... You're also welcome to ask for Kindly Notes or Silly Notes to accompany the cake. This activity is particularly big at the start of Michaelmas, and again to express support in the build up to exams in Easter. This activity is free, and obviously 100 percent harmless and 1000 percent friendly.

In the event of lockdown, and over the holidays, Kindly and Silly Notes are sent by email. Under these circumstances, pictures of some of what we bake, and recipes, are also available. This has Support Group character, as does the actual production of the Notes and Cakes :)

Some other activities we do produce our actual Kindly Notes, Silly Notes and Cakes... If you'd like to be involved with CakeFaeries, there are correspondingly various different kinds of CakeFaerie that you could be: Bakey CakeFaeries, Silly CakeFaeries, Kindly CakeFaeries...

In-person events include Bake-Alongs and Icebreaker events, which we insist on running all year round.

Our Icebreakers include picnics, wordplay, drawing pictures for the kindly notes and making Silly Notes items out of pipecleaners. Most of these can be viewed as part of the CakeFaeries' Cooperative Scavenger Hunt, and are also an example of how our Allies, and Ally Training, operate.

One can consequently also find Hunty CakeFaeries, while some Kindly CakeFaeries are also Listeny CakeFaeries.

All activities we run are Safer Spaces; why we do these activities is more important here than what our activities consist of... So, for instance, most other groups that run any Icebreakers at all only do so in Freshers' Week and Squash Week, but there is need for these all year round, so we strive to provide some...

See our website for more about different types of CakeFaerie.

This activity is obviously 100 percent harmless and 1000 percent friendly. We have a few Rules to smoothly ensure this, that you need to read in order to participate... You can also ask the organizers ('Great CakeFaeries In The Sky') if unsure of how things work.

0) You too can join in by emailing the Great Cake Faeries (Altwelcome-general *at* your


Email Address:

Means by which Cake can reach you: at least one of

* where in College your pigeonhole is

* your address [This option not available during lockdowns]

* that you'd like us to send you a CakeFaerie Identifier Badge.

Notes: [mention Allergies here, or whether you are a Vegetarian or Vegan. To a certain extent, comments like "No Custard Creams" or "I Haaaate Raisins!" will be considered].

* Whether you would like to be an Active CakeFaerie (i.e. help out).

There is no deadline for joining :)

1) CakeFaerieing means delivering cake, whether to CakeFaeries asking for cake or to an Active CakeFaerie to pass on. If you are an Active CakeFaerie, the Great CakeFaeries In The Sky will sometimes suggest you CakeFaerie specific other CakeFaeries. Your doing so is entirely voluntary :) Though, if you do carry out the suggested delivery, you should briefly notify the Great CakeFaeries so that they don't need to ask further CakeFaeries to go to that place at that particular point in time...

2) You deliver to the person's pigeonhole, hand, or door (if they give an address). This may include a note "from The CakeFaerie" (we can send Active CakeFaeries printable CakeFaerie Notes for you to write on the reverse of!), or a Kindly or Silly Note if this person asked for such.

3) If you CakeFaerie above a certain number of people, you may be awarded your own Wand to carry during missions! Active CakeFaeries sometimes go round CakeFaerie-ing in 2's or 3's. As a society we are moreover strong on passive participants' rights to get a good deal out of activities. So you are very welcome to be part of us, regardless of whether or not you are an Active CakeFaerie :)

4) Interacting via the CakeFaerie Badge One or both of the following may apply in a given term. A) There may be a badge that Active CakeFaeries use to identify each other during cake exchanges. This gives a discreet means of disambiguating which of the half-dozen people 'waiting at the college gate' is the CakeFaerie, which is moreover well thought out as regards working well for Shy, Socially Anxious people (etc). B) There may be a badge that CakeFaeries wear so that any Active CakeFaerie they encounter carrying cake offers them some. CakeFaeries possessing such badges are welcome both to wear them when approachable and not to wear them when they are not approachable. Listeny CakeFaeries will, among other things, learn why this set-up is properly inclusive of people who may be having a hard time at Cambridge.

Important Conduct Rules

I) To be involved with the CakeFaeries is to Consent to be briefly Met. But not a card to intrude beyond welcome. It is a Promise to be Friendly toward any fellow CakeFaeries encountered during CakeFaerie-ing :) And toward whoever else whilst one is out CakeFaerie-ing. Being Met need not entail naming yourself; you're entirely welcome to use an alias or no name at all if that suits your needs. It also needn't be in person

II) Wrapped cake left in pigeonholes or outside rooms MUST entirely look like wrapped cake, or like an envelope addressed to the person. Notes left with these MUST be entirely polite and unalarming.

III) Occasionally, Colleges do not permit food in their pigeonholes, or only if it's "commercially wrapped"; meaning, like, penguin bars, not slices you wrap up yourself with clingfilm :)

III.1) The known specifics of this in each Realm or Fief (area run by local CakeFaeries) will be internally circulated to the Active CakeFaeries there, as well as to Active CakeFaeries delivering citywide (e.g. the Vegan CakeFaerie). If you become aware of any further such issues, be welcome to tell us!

IV) CakeFaeries with Uni ID must carry it while CakeFaerieing; any with Cantab ID must have that with them likewise.

CakeFaerie room deliveries MUST be done alongside a CakeFaerie with the College in question's ID (and thus swipecard). An obvious case of this is caking your own College's CakeFaerie rooms.

People asking for, or volunteering, room deliveries will be told of further arrangements to achieve this. Even CakeFaeries going to pidge rooms that aren't in plodges cannot do so without same-College ID in the event of a College being on lockdown (or other security crackdown).

Rule III.1) also applies to how this is be disclosed beforehand, and reported if spotted.

V) For obvious reasons, you MUST pay proper attention to the Notes that come with the Suggestion of whom to cake, for these cover any Allergies, Vegetarianness etc.

If you're running a CakeFaerie Fief or Realm, you MUST remember to give out these Notes alongside the names and Addresses in the Suggestions you make as to whom your active CakeFaeries might Cake. Our default cake and biscuits bought for large-scale distribution are checked prior to purchase as regards their bearing the Vegetarian Symbol.

VI) This activity is purely for welcoming, welfare and a bit of of truly harmless fun. It has zero concept of competitivity, and no such will be tolerated to take root here.

VII) Whilst CakeFaerie-ing, use common sense at all times. Each CakeFaerie is entirely responsible for their own behaviour. We do not condone any course of action that inconveniences other people, especially Porters and the general public.

If challenged as to your presence, say the truth: "I am here to see/give biscuits to a friend" and entirely accept it if the challengers ask you to leave.

This is very unlikely to happen if you act civilly and are accompanied by somebody with the College's ID. Nonetheless, entirely accept it if the challengers ask you to leave.

CakeFaerie-ing is not to involve any actions that are unsafe or that may cause alarm to members of the public. CakeFaeries don't come in through the window or act in any other ways that are at all confusible with thieves or stalkers. Additionally, out of respect for others and due to having magical wings and tiny little feet, we go about CakeFaerie-ing quietly and discreetly :)

VIII) Due to the potentially serious issues or consequences, you are not allowed to lie to the Great CakeFaeries or to anybody they call upon to assist them with any serious difficulties.

IX) You may not CakeFaerie during society meetings that might in any way be disruptible by quietly handing someone a packet of biscuits or a slice of cake. The Societies you can momentarily CakeFaerie in are all informal lighter-hearted societies, rather than obviously inappropriate ones like speaker meetings, piano recitals or the karate club's sparring session... Additionally you are to use your common sense in not disrupting the parts of lighter-hearted Soc Meets that shouldn't be, such as people auditioning for the Light Entertainment Society or a person who is juggling with fire. The idea is that you wait for an appropriate moment, like when they are socializing between bouts of fire-juggling...

Sometimes, if you are an Active CakeFaerie or even more so if you are a Volunteer CakeFaerie Organizer or Great CakeFaerie, you will be provided with enough cake-and-biscuits to offer Cake to the entire lighter-hearted Soc rather than just to those CakeFaeries present. N.B. that non-CakeFaeries are under no obligation to accept cake, nor are they bound by the CakeFaerie rules unless somehow present at a CakeFaerie Event, Raid, Organizer Session etc.

X) Unsociable Hours. Between 9 pm and 10 am there is No CakeFaerie-ing unless specifically invited there at such a time by the recipient, and yourself fine with these travel arrangements. That is to avoid any disturbing of sleep, and much of the risking of: looking wierd late at night or being challenged by Bedders in the morning. One can still deliver to pigeonholes within these hours if one happens to be able to access them in an entirely civilized manner. CakeFaerie-ing around Society Meetings in compliance with Rule IX is also allowed over more extended hours, since those are those socs' normal hours and those present are clearly choosing Socs over sleep at that point!

XI) You cannot CakeFaerie by proxy. Because it is not a personal touch and to avoid Proxy Pixies who've not read the rules. If someone wants to help deliver, get them to join up by writing to the Great CakeFaeries in the Sky - there's no deadline for joining. You cannot lie about your name to authority figures (Porters, Staff...) during CakeFaerie deliveries.

XII) Active CakeFaeries volunteering to CakeFaerie people with badges in the sense of Rule 4.B) can only do so once you have, and have read, the current list of where cake can and cannot be offered to a badge-wearing cakeFaerie.

[B) may well in any case remain shut down until there is no more pandemic. For now, one can assume that when B) is running, it is only done off university property or in the college of the person giving out the cake in question, nor is it done in university teaching or anywhere else where it might be considered to be disruptive. See here for more.]

XIII) If you give your room address both to the CakeFaeries and to the Assassins, you can believe anyone knocking on your door saying they are a CakeFaerie. This is because Assassins are not allowed to impersonate CakeFaeries. You shall likewise not impede, or cause to be impeded by others, the entry of CakeFaeries into your corridor. Those getting in by saying they are CakeFaeries are Out of Bounds assassins-wise for the length of their stay, and thus pose no danger whatsoever to the local Assassins. This is also relevant if you are both an Assassin and an Active CakeFaerie who cakes room addresses. These things can also be relevant in the case of corridors where both non-Assassin CakeFaeries and Assassin non-CakeFaeries reside.

XIV) Safer Spaces' rule 1: "A person is Upset if they say they are, and Without Having to Say Why. Apologies are expected, as are Non-repeats of what caused it."

XV). SafeOut In the unlikely event of a problem arising during a CakeFaerie-ing mission, say "SafeOut" to alert all CakeFaeries present that there is a problem, so that all stop what they are doing and immediately pay attention to the nature of the problem.

SafeOut stops the activity until all participants present understand why it was evoked and that the reason for it no longer applies. SafeOut covers all Conduct and Safety matters , immediately stopping the activity to nip the problem in the bud. Be it Safety or Security matters, Common Decency, Friendliness, Inclusion, or Safer Space matters.

SafeOut includes "SafeOut: one of us is causing it". The way this case is handled is our Safer Spaces' rule 1 is our motto when dealing with internal issues caused by our own members. SafeOut is thus the most significant practical rule in the entire set: if there is any Serious Rules problem, immediately freeze play and nip it in the bud.

XVI) These Safer Spaces are inclusive of any legal and consensual minority, regardless of whether additionally legally protected or whether the person in question is Out as regards belonging to said minority.

See the Hunty CakeFaeries' Rules for further detail what SafeOut is and means for any activity within GIVEN by CakeFaeries' Soc-Group.

Term by Term/Options Rules

Michaelmas "Freshers and Socs" option, including Cake with Silliness and Cake with Duel Challenges

Lent "CakeFaerie Siblings" option

Easter "Relieving Exam Stress" option

Disclaimer (this applies to all Safer Space activities we run)

i) The CakeFaeries are a Safer Space activity: zero personal abuse is tolerated during this activity or over its running. Being a Safer Space is much of the Why of the Serious Conduct Rules and Disclaimer, though some parts of these are to Avoid "Incoveniencing the Authorities/Getting into Trouble".

ii) By signing up to the CakeFaeries, you agree that you are responsible for your own actions, and any consequences thereof. Not reading these rules is no defense against breaking them. Nor will the Great CakeFaeries be bound to the existing form of these rules if any new difficulties were to arise. Individual CakeFaeries may not speak for the CakeFaeries as a whole, and as such can not use our activity or our rules as an excuse for their behaviour.

Disclaimer A We are specifically an apolitical space, rather than any kind of politicized space.

Disclaimer B We are not, and never have been a student society at Cambridge University.

We are, rather, a tolerant society in Cambridge (the city).

B.1) One salient difference between these two things is that we are in no way associated with Cambridge University. Or for that matter with any other university, or college or department subset thereof. Most of what we run is in the geographical location of Cambridge. However we only meet off university property. As such our society meetings are unrelated to any university, or college or department subset thereof. As such, our society meetings lie outside the scope of any appointees, representatives, regulators, or officials of (in each case) universities.

B.2) Another salient difference is that we treat members of Cambridge's other university - Anglia Ruskin University - exactly the same as members of Cambridge University, and likewise with alumns of either. Our activities are for people of at least university age, on the grounds that the legal situation would be different elsewise. Our activities are furthermore in no way restricted against those who are no longer at university. Nor are they in any way restricted against those that are no longer undergraduates, or some other 'elsewhere approved' list of 'types of student'. Item B.2) is what we mean in saying that we are a tolerantly-run society rather than a student society.

B.3) To be explicit, we are not registered with the university or student union.

B.4) What we do is exercise our freedom of association, by meeting off university property, lawfully, for entirely peaceful purposes, and abiding within COVID regulations. This includes meeting not more than 2 at a time when required and not more than 6 at a time when required. We have never even vaguely come close to having meetings involving person numbers that require informing local authorities of a planned gathering under non-pandemic legislation.

B.5) To be clear, we do icebreakers and relaxation. We do not run debates, give seminars or invite speakers. We are entirely unofficial, and our meetings are neither on university premises nor in any way registered with any university, college or department.