The following buttons are links to the activities we run...

*** The CakeFaerie involves Surprise Cake! Whether as a means of briefly meeting other CakeFaeries, or of Cake materializing in your pigeonhole... This is big at the start of Michaelmas, and again to express support in the build up to exams in Easter.

*** We also provide Safer Space Squashes . These are Squashes in the sense of Icebreakers. These are held All Year Round, because some people wish for such to be available SOMEWHERE all year round rather than just being available in a lot of places at the start of the Michaelmas term only.

Our Safer Space Squashes come in the following forms of fun (and perhaps more).

1) CakeFaeries' start of term baking party.

2) Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting outdoor Battle Events fortnightly on a weekend afternoon.

3) Sheila Events: reading childrens' books in silly voices (and also chain-writing our own such stories online!)

* You are welcome to participate in any combination you please of our activities; the 'all or nothing' ways of other groups entirely don't apply at ours.

* Safer Spaces here mean abuse-free zones, so that those who wish for such can attend - including without saying why - with others attending to help out or just for the good-natured fun.

* All activities we run are furthermore General-Purpose Safer Spaces . This means Safer for a wide variety people at once. This then furthermore works for people who are not Out (about whatever) as well as for those who are.

*** Apart from the CakeFaerie, other activities of ours based on small person number interactions include the following.

A) Soc-Parenting - our parallel of College Parenting or LGBT Parenting - for whoever would like some such welcoming people who know their way around Cambridge's lighter-hearted Socs...

B) Sheila and her Dog also run chainwriting: in which each participant has various days in which to provide the next sentence to a growing story.

*** Sheila's main activity is Chain-writing one line at a time `choose your own adventure' stories of the Children's/Silly genre...

*** We also provide a list of Links : other Safer Space and/or ligher-hearted societies that you may enjoy.

* Some of us also spend a small proportion of our time perusing other Welcoming and Welfare available in Cambridge.

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