I. The main CakeFaeries activity

The main CakeFaeries activity in Cambridge involves Surprise Cake!

Whether as a means of briefly meeting other CakeFaeries, or of Cake materializing in your pigeonhole...

Consult the above link for more about this, including how to sign up.

II. The main Mayweek activity we are providing

... is running this year's Scavenger Hunt :

finding, acting out, drawing... items from a great big list assembled by many of our organizers :)

This is a) all of a Silly, Duelly, Bakey and Listeny CakeFaerie option, and b) a city-wide activity expected to contain other college/social/societal teams :)


III. What do Listeny Cakefaeries do?

We provide a CakeFaerie Parenting parallel of College Parenting :)

We also provide the CakeFaeries' Safer Space Awareness Pages (scroll to the end of this page); being a particular kind of Safer Space is a deeer why for the existence of CakeFaeries in the first place.

We are here more generally to welcome New, Shy and Different peoples, with Parenting, listening, awareness pages, and a range of icebreaker activities.

So while the Surprise Cake Activity is our largest activity, especially at the start of Michaelmas and again to express support in the build-up to exams in Easter, it is not our only activity. Indeed, CakeFaeries aim to do all good things that nowhere else provides.

[The above and below pictures are moreover links. Click on whichever to see more :) ]


IV. So what other kinds of CakeFaeries are there?

Being an Active CakeFaerie is voluntary. You are welcome here, and, regardless of whether one is Active or Passive, we are all CakeFaeries :)

If you volunteer to be an Active CakeFaerie in your sign-up, or in some later note to cakefaeries at ,

The Great CakeFaeries In The Sky will sometimes suggest some specific other CakeFaeries for Active CakeFaeries to offer cake to.

Your doing so is entirely voluntary :)

Though, if you do carry out the suggested delivery, you should very briefly notify the Great CakeFaeries so that they don't need to summon further CakeFaeries to that particular address at that particular point in time.

Some of what Active CakeFaeries do has some element of abiding by the CakeFaerie Rules, in particular as regards how to get the cake to destination, taking note of allergy, vegetarian notes, and ways in which CakeFaerie activities are inclusive.

Some Active CakeFaeries are Bakey. Others buy cake, and/or pass on cake baked or bought by other CakeFaeries.

Active CakeFaeries involved in passing on Cake, and arranging for cakey surprises, are Scouty CakeFaeries.

There are occasionally small Bakey CakeFaerie meets (start of term baking parties) and/or small Scouty CakeFaerie raids; these are often small because they are local: CakeFaeries are split up into geographically nearby regions called Fiefs and Realms :)

Active CakeFaeries who complete a certain number of bakings and/or cakings are awarded wands [whether sparkly-magical, or bakey-magical, such as whisks :) Sparkly wands' magic is in Scouty CakeFaeries to be able to look the part, which can be useful in finding Cakefaeries, including other raid members, since raids move around a lot, and so can be harder to find than society meetings...]

* So Bakey CakeFaeries bake cakes.

* And Scouty CakeFaeries cause the Surprise Cakes to Magically Appear :)

* In the Silly CakeFaeries option, Surprise Cake comes with Silliness... (Icebreaker!) In this option, which some also call "Sheila and her Dog" :) silly/children's book genre rhymes and puns accompany the cake, and some such lines find their way into Silly Chainstories.

* In the Duelly CakeFaeries option, Exchanges of Cake are accompanied instead by Duel and Battle Waterfights (Icebreaker! done solely off university property, and with further Rules as can be found through the preceding link).

Duelly and Listeny CakeFaeries are further types of Active CakeFaeries, at least in the sense that duels involve cake exchange and CakeFaerie Parents often pie their CakeFaerie Families :)

CakeFaeries can moreover be whichever combination of Bakey, Scouty, Duelly, Silly, Listeny, or none at all.

As a Society, we are strong on passive participants' rights to get a good deal out of activities.

Finally, all CakeFaerie Activities are one and the same kind of Safer Spaces We consider this to be a much more significant aspect than what our activities consist of. (click on any of the above or below pictures to link to the corresponding activity). Indeed, our activities are best understood as a collection of what happen to work as Icebreaker Activities for The New, The Shy and The Different, among which the most common and often first encountered is Surprise Cake.

* All activities we run are furthermore General-Purpose Safer Spaces . This means Safer for a wide variety people at once. This then furthermore works for people who are not Out (about whatever) as well as for those who are.



______________________ A. SOME OF THE PEOPLES WHOM WE SUPPORT THROUGH OUR ACTIVITIES... ________________________


B. We also provide a list of Links : other Safer Space and/or ligher-hearted societies that you may enjoy.

C. Some of us also spend a small proportion of our time perusing other Welcoming and Welfare available in Cambridge.

__________________________________ D The below refers to encouraging more societies to state and mean such things on their webpages, constitutions... ____________________________________


To join, mail cakefaeries *at* :)