Easter 2014, ending by CakeFaerieing the crowds watching the Cardboard Boat Race...

Lent 2014Including Cake with Silliness option joint with Sheila and her Dog, and Cake with off-uni-premises Waterfighting Duels option joint with with Cambridge Safer Spaces Waterfighting. See here for the front page for this option, and here for the associated version of the rules.

Michaelmas 2013 Bigger still! With game of Thones themed split of Cambridge into CakeFaerie Fiefs and News!

Easter 2013 the largest CakeFaerie Activity yet!

Lent2013 Pioneering CakeFaerie Siblings. This option gives everyone one further person to meet and CakeFaerie who has the same Suggested Names of people to CakeFaerie as you, so that you can team up, whether together or compensatingly.

Michaelmas 2012 Freshers and Societies version. CakeFaeries also proved to be our Safer Space peoples' greatest recruiters at the moment at the Socfair :)

Easter 2012 Exam Stress Relief Version, with recruiting in collaboration with an 'official' welfare organization.

Lent 2012 Our first go at running the CakeFaerie activity in a non-exam term. Was large enough to require 2 organizers in different areas of town: the Great CakeFaerie in the North and the Great CakeFaerie in the South!

Easter 2011 The first to ask for signups, in addition to CakeFaerie-ing one's soc-Family, friends and neighbours...

Easter 2010, 2009, 2008 did just the latter...

The Earliest CakeFaerie'ings. The first action held to be a genuine CakeFaerieing ocurred in 2001. This and a number of subsequent imitations revolved around Ginger Cake in particular, with the SZS (Societas Zingiberenifera Secreta) being active at a number of parties.

There were additionally precursors of the CakeFaerie chez Sheila and her Dog, where secretly bringing wonderful and/or unusual items to the doors of other members was common. As well as nice edibles, these included potatoes wrapped in purple velvet, and sprout burning kits.

The CakeFaeries' General Ruleset

Easter "Relieving Exam Stress" option paragraph

Michaelmas "Freshers and Socs" option paragraph

Lent "CakeFaerie Siblings" option paragraph

Philosophy of the three termly options

The first is about efficiency, and encouraging people who've finished exams to CakeFaerie those who haven't yet. People who see this happening think of doing it for their friends too, with the CakeFaerie being one means of reigniting this pattern of behaviour in Colleges that don't presently manifest it.

The second is Freshers-first, and encourages people to have a look around at what other lighter-hearted Socs there are - with cake. It reflects the value of such Lighter-hearted socs to the newly arrived, and is part of our commitment to being helpful toward new, shy and different people finding the socs they like the most (and whether these are socs of ours or not - we are selfless in this regard).

The third encourages alliances, soc-families and teamwork in Lent. It should be said that going to new Socs is natural to Mich, and alliances, soc-families and teamwork are natural to Lent. Thus we partly go with the flow, and partly give out the right idea with out "we suggest you Cake a Soc" in Mich and ensuring everybody has a nearby CakeFaerie Sibling in Lent.

Take that as a small free sample of know-how and benevolence chez les CakeFaeries. For more on that, volunteer to help organize the CakeFaeries... For more on the way we are Safer Spaces, see here. For the value of small-numbers interactions, of which the CakeFaerie is an example, see here.

CakeFaerie Socials

* Alternative Welcome's Stall and Squash are Currently Presented by CakeFaeries :)

* CakeFaeries' have a Start of Term Baking Party each Mich and Lent term. In Mich, this is the CakeFaeries' Squash. One can certainly be a CakeFaerie without going to this! Not even giving out Cake is necessary.

With us, part-time and passive participants have equal rights to full-time and active participants, and are all welcome to call themselves "CakeFaerie" and to feel part of the CakeFaerie. This is Alternative Welcome's Safer Spaces' general positive attitude toward part-time, passive and first-time participants :)