4 For this Michaelmas Edition of the CakeFaerie, Active CakeFaeries will get:

* Suggestions to Cake nearby CakeFaerie room addresses, as a priority in the first week or so.

* Subsequent suggestions for whom to cake every two weeks. This will usually involve some local cluster of addresses or pigeonholes, or a society to offer cake to. The idea being to encourage Active CakeFaeries to explore the occasional Squash or SocMeet by us or other lighter-hearted Societies. This means that, apart from signing up, you should tell the Great CakeFaeries your favourite lighter-hearted Socs as and when you discover and decide which these are! Rule IX explains what CakeFaerie-ing at Socs consists of.

* Participants also have the option to sign up for Cake accompanied by brief Silliness. This has been described as

"Silliness-in-person is Fluffy-Toy, Silly-Voice and/or Children's-Book based. A person bearing some of these things shall bring you a Cake, or perhaps 'help their Fluffly Unicorn Companion' do so :) Such surprise visits are at most 5 minutes long. If you only specify a pigeonhole address, well, you can still get a Silly Rhyme with your cake, or the occasional gift of a Fluffy Toy Sidekick :)"

Serious Rule XIV. If a CakeFaerie has signed up for "Cake with Silliness", you are by no means obliged to provide Silliness when you cake them (e.g. if you yourself are not down as "Cake with Silliness"). If a CakeFaerie signed up for "Cake with Silliness", some proportion of those assigned to offer you Surprise Cake will be "Cake with Silliness" themselves too :) The Silliness shall not involve conduct unbecoming of a Safer Space, nor shall it involve 'making fun' at the expense of any of the Safer Space people or anyone else present. It is good-natured silliness. Some of the brief forms that such silliness may take will no doubt be mentioned in the CakeFaerie News :)

* Participants also have the separate option of offering Cake accompanied by Duel Challenges.

Serious Rule XV. Duelling involves safe and non-alarming toy weaponry only. Right now, this means a Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting rules Waterpistol Duel, though we might (with time and demand) consider expanding on the range of safe and unalarming toy weapons in use for such duels. For those doing this option, a number of waterpistols are available for borrowing for the term :) Also, some opponents have spares :) Duels are to take no longer than half an hour unless all involved wish for more."

Serious Rule XVI. Duelling is to be done solely off Uni Property.

Serious Rule XVII. CakeFaeries who signed up as "Cake with Duel Challenges" can indeed challenge other such, and no others. Challenges in no way need to be accepted. Duels only occyur when mutually desired and mutually convenient :)

Serious Rule XVIII. Such duels do not involve shooting or elsewise inconveniencing passers-by, or fighting across traffic.

Serious Rule XIX. Such duels have their own serious rules list (Sec II of this ) as well as their 'how combat works' rules list (esp Sec I of this ). Of these serious rules, note that II.B) are very largely another copy of the CakeFaeries' own safer space rules, whereas II.A) and II.C) are mostly specific to waterfighting.

Finally note that these duels are Out of Bounds as regards the Assassins Guild game, both as 'other activities involving toy weapons' and as Safer Space activities.

[Silliness and Duel Challenges give you some idea of, and are in collaboration with, two of our other Safer Space Societies: Sheila and her Dog and Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting respectively. Sibling allocation will parallel who's doing Silliness, Duelling, both or neither. Suggestions of whom to CakeFaerie will sometimes match a Sibling Pair's Silliness and Duelling Status, and sometimes stipulate "Cake only". Neither Silliness nor Duelling constitute any kind of reason to disturb or alarm neighbours, passers-by or authority figures. CakeFaeries are considerate and discreet little Magical Beings ^_^ ]