This document serves both to introduce Listeny CakeFaeries and to pick out those of the CakeFaeries' Safer Space Rules that are common to all of our activities (Hunty and Duelly have extra rules, as may Scouty if surprise cake delivery proves to be difficult at present). It links to, rather than contains, most of our visible Disclaimer items.


* Listeny CakeFaeries provide Kindly Notes with the cakes when asked.

* Some Listeny CakeFaeries run CakeFaerie Parenting: a parallel of College Parenting :)

* Some Listeny CakeFaeries write Safer Space Awareness Pages (scroll down to the end of this page to see some of these).

* Some Listeny CakeFaeries are Allies, and do or run Ally Training. Not all Allies here are Listeny CakeFaeries however. This is because the populaces in need of safer spaces are the ones who tell us here what they wish for in Allies rather than Allies fitting some preconception of that without space or effective action in the face of feedback elsewise.

0) Most Listeny CakeFaeries start by being Kindly CakeFaeries: Kindly Notes producers, and perhaps by asking for CakeFaerie Parents. It is possible, however, to state up front that you wish to be an Ally, in which case some Ally Training or Safer Space Awareness page writing will be possible straight away (rather than in an a new Kindly CakeFaerie's second or fourth term).

To sign up , send us your

- Name

- Email

- College

- That you'd like to receive Kindly Notes

- That you'd like to help produce Kindly Notes

- That you'd like CakeFaerie Parents

- That you'd like to be an Ally

- Any Safer Space Populaces in particular that you wish to support.

- That you'd like to help out with Safer Space awareness webpages


1) There is no deadline for signing up.

2) If writing to a cakefaerie contact address saying you are in need of a Listeny CakeFaerie, do not include details of why.

3) There are 3 sections of Serious Rules you must read and abide by to participate in CakeFaeries: Conduct, Safety and Disclaimer.

This ruleset is provisional, in the sense that, from term to term, further Conduct, Safety and Disclaimer rules may be added (but never removed or diminished). T his means that if you've done this previous terms, you should still look through the rules for ones marked with 'updated'.

4) We are hosted on the Listeny CakeFaeries' website


C.0) Most importantly, be friendly during all parts of the activity.

This certainly includes other participants, organizers and any passers-by.

C.1) No -isms, -phobias, or erasory statements, concerning not only legally-protected peoples but others as well, including specifically Non-Binary, Ace, Poly, Kink, Pan, Survivor, Bullied, X-Closeted, X-Dysphoria and X-Fluid peoples, among others.

[X denotes `any kind of' :) Any other peoples, that are legal and tolerant toward all other tolerant peoples, are welcome to ask to be added. Last Updated L19.]

There is also specifically No Discrimination on Grounds of Age or Occupation here: any Cantabs or ARU people are precisely as welcome as people at Cambridge; Grads, Mature Students, Postdocs... etc etc are all equally welcome.

C.2) To be involved in CakeFaeries is to Consent to be Met.

But Not a card to Intrude beyond Welcome.

It is a Promise that all actions carried out in connection with CakeFaeries are grounded on Friendly Conduct.

Being Met need not entail naming yourself; you're entirely welcome to use an alias or no name at all if that suits your needs. It also needn't be in person.

C.3) As a friendly and fun activity, there is No Excuse for nasty or inappropriate behaviour during the activity or over its organizing.

C.4) The GIVEN by CakeFaeries' Safer Spaces' primary rule is that

"A person is Upset if they say they are, and Without Having to Say Why. Apologies are expected, as are Non-repeats of what caused it."

C.5) You are entitled, if you so wish, to view your own participation in activities as a icebreaker games rather than things to try to do well at.

C.6) What you cannot however do is put pressure on others to view it the same way you do, or expect or presume that others are viewing it that manner. To be clear, this includes that you cannot put pressure on others to view any of our activities competitively or expect or presume that others are viewing it competitively.

Finally, in our activities, 'competitivity' will never excuse real-life nastiness or irresponsibility. And only the type of 'sporting competitivity' - in which all of team-mates, other teams' participants, organizers, and any other CakeFaeries, are valued and respected - is accepted here.

C.7) In the unlikely event that you and some other team's participant were to really not get on well, come and see CakeFaerie organizers separately. Each such grouping would get an approximately equal proportion of activity time.

C.8) None of our activities require, or condone, use of physical force.

C.9) Hunty and Duelly CakeFaeries have further Conduct Rules attached to these links. Waterpistol-less Team-versus-Team Events are also subject to the waterpistol-less subset of these Conduct Rules.


S.1) None of our activities are any kind of excuse for bothering, alarming or elsewise causing a nuisance or inconvenience to members of the general public.

S.2) None of our activities are illegal, or any kind of excuse to break the law, let along bring yourself to the attention of the Police.

Do nothing illegal, or which could be mistaken by onlookers as criminal or terrorist activity etc.

S.3) None of our activities involve messing around on university property, or intruding uninvited into any parts of it where you don't belong.

As such, if you get portered etc during some side-venture in the couse of CakeFaerie activities, we waive all responsibility since none of our items are connected with intruding uninvited into any parts of university property.

If you e.g. wish to borrow items from a friend for use in an activity of ours, you would follow the college in question's accompanied guest policy. For some colleges, this can e.g. require being met at the gate by your friend rather than just wandering through by yourself. If you do it this way, you won't be portered. If you were to be portered anyway, through not knowing or applying the procedure (or elsewise) you would mention the true primary reason you are there - to see your friend - rather than secondary matters such as a tenuous connection to an activity that is not being run there... If portered anyway, politely comply with any request to leave, or offer if needs be to phone your friend to verify they are indeed your friend.

Despite all this, we nonetheless require you to carry Uni ID during all the time in which you do our in-person activities (or the Cantab equivalent of it, knowing the greater limitations of it).

We can provide some advice if needs be, though if a friend offers to lend you something, you should explain there is necessity to follow the accompanied guest procedure on this occasion (even if you visit often without this for your entirely personal reasons).

S.4) None of our activities involve, or excuse, causing material damage.

S.5) If you can't provide a reasonable explanation for exactly what you are doing to any Police Officers, members of the public, Porters, Fellows... who challenge you over doing it, then you shouldn't be doing it.

CakeFaerie activities stay entirely within what the public, the University and the Police tolerate.

CakeFaeries activities do Not Condone any course of action that leads to confrontation with people in authority.

S.6) Exercise Common Sense at all times.

S.7) Participants are Entirely Responsible for their own behaviour.

S.8) You participate in our activities At your Own Risk. We are not liable for any mishaps that you or your pet goldfish may encounter while coincidentally involved in our activities.

S.9) No CakeFaerie activities items involve, or condone, harming other participants, organizers, or members of the general public.

S.10) In the unlikely event of an accident occuring, contact the Emergency Services when appropriate, just as one would in whatever other setting.

S.11) People who feel unsafe in the absense of certain others aren't to be separated from these team-mates. This is to be taken into account if anyone's recruitment effort generates more than one team of paticipants.

Somewhat similarly, people saying they're up for alliances with other incipient under-sized teams does not mean they agree to form team with whoever; they can say No to whichever further propsed merger involving their growing team.

In some of our activities involving teams, it is possible to be on more than one team. You then however have to decide for which team each item you produce is scored.

Personal Safety concerns of anyone present always take precedence over rules or 'team tactics' as regards splitting up.

This includes respecting matters of Personal Space and Personal Boundaries, as well as not losing or leaving behind team members in unfamilar territory, especially if they've made it known they don't feel safe out and about by themselves.

S.12) No Photos or Videos are are to be made or accepted as parts of our activity if anybody in them did not consent to being in them. In fact, as a default, we don't do photos or videos of people as items, and certainly never attach such to the Hunty CakeFaeries' website.

S.13) If you feel the organizers have not taken into account any aspect of your safety, be welcome to inform us immediately.

Raising Safety or Conduct rules concerns is no excuse for unfriendliness, greatly aiding in creating a high standard of Safety and Conduct.

S.14) In the unlikely event of a problem arising during a CakeFaerie-ing mission, say `` SafeOut " to alert all CakeFaeries present that there is a problem. This is so that all stop what they are doing and immediately pay attention to the nature of the problem. Inform a Great CakeFaerie or other Safer Space Custodian of what has occurred if no such is present. These can ensure all is OK and understood as regards avoiding future similar occurrences. In the event of a member not being OK with saying why, 'understood' is within what that allows.

S.15) In the unlikely event that you know or feel that there is a breach of Conduct or Safety rules during a CakeFaerie activity, the immediate way to deal with it is by clearly stating the phrase "SafeOut".

i) SafeOut stops the activity until all participants present understand why it was evoked and that the reason for it no longer applies.

ii) SafeOut covers all Conduct and Safety matters , immediately stopping the activity to nip the problem in the bud. Be it Safety or Security matters, Common Decency, Friendliness, Inclusion, or Safer Space matters.

iii) SafeOut moreover includes "SafeOut: one of us is causing it".

The way this case is handled is our Safer Spaces' prime rule (1) is our motto when dealing with internal issues caused by our own members.

S.16) Thus SafeOut is the most significant practical rule in the entire set: if there is any Serious Rules problem, immediately freeze play and nip it in the bud.

S.17) Because of partly similar use elsewhere to mark serious rules issues, if you state `Stop the Game', `Stop the Hunt', `TimeOut', `Man Down' instead of SafeOut, organizers will heed these as meaning 'there is a serious rules issue that needs to be dealt with immediately'.

This covers e.g.\ some people feeling silly or anxious using safety words in general, and are happier using ones they've seen successfully used elsewhere.

If at a Safer Space anyone uses 'Stop the Game' etc, it is Safer Space Rules and jurisdiction which apply. The clarification process might now conceivably need to ascertain which group the person making the call thinks we are. This is so that it is confirmed to be a SafeOut in our jurisdiction, rather than a wanderer who literally meant 'Stop the Game' because they thought it was that other society's picnic. This matters because, jurisdictions aside, different safety words cover different ranges of situations.

S.18) It being possible for another activity, society or group to be triggering, however, a SafeOut might need to include explaining that we'd much rather they use some other safeword that is not triggering in our Safer Spaces in future. This can include jointly searching for another safeword that all involved are ok with.

S.19) SafeOut can solely be used to defend oneself and not to personally attack anyone else. Like all other Safer Space things, SafeOut is an abuse-free zone. SafeOut is to ensure that anybody causing upset, deliberately or otherwise, backs off and apologizes. And that there are no repeats of what caused it.

You are obviously not allowed to have a SafeOut only for "hunting or scoring profit" (e.g.\ to buy time). But if you notice a serious rules issue at a time when a SafeOut would give you a `competitive edge', remember that all CakeFaeries activities, e.g. Scavenger Hunt, Duels, Chainwriting, are explicitly not a competition and that serious rules issues trump any in-event scenario.

S.20) Do not hesitate to start a SafeOut. It does not matter if you think it the matter might be 'too trivial', or something that 'I could probably solve myself', or 'about a past occurrence' or because there's been another SafeOut recently or there's been none for ages.

S.21) If you're not comfortable * declaring: modify other rulesets likewise here* a SafeOut yourself, you can bring the issue up quietly with a Safer Space Custodian, and they'll sort things out on your behalf. (Asking them "Can I talk to you for a moment?" and then immediately walking away from the group is a functionally easy way to get them alone.) The 'not having to say why' includes not having to state that SafeOut is being evoked on behalf of someone else.

S.22) You can use "SafeOut. Must leave now." if you have to leave immediately for unspecified personal reasons. Such are not to be impeded from leaving on any grounds.

S.23) You may not ignore or trivialize current or past SafeOuts, nor hold them against anyone in any way (e.g. gossiping or joking about it after the fact). In fact, it is technically possible to be banned from the Safer Spaces solely for disrespecting a SafeOut.

S.24) Duelly CakeFaeries have further Safety-and-Security Rules here [Updated E19].

Waterpistol-less Team-versus-Team Events are also subject to the waterpistol-less subset of Duelly CakeFaeries' Safety-and-Security Rules.

S.25) Names of team-mates, other participants and organizers are confidential: they are not to be divulged on the internet, social media or to enquiring non-members.

S.26) Not-in-Person Meaningful Indirect Participation is something which a lot of Closeted, Bullied and Survivor folk appreciate. This is built into this ruleset and into the proportions of kinds of items on the lists.


* Do Listeny need specifics displayed at this stage in addition to the general disclaimer? *

D.1) In taking part, we remind you all that you are adults and responsible for your own actions, and any consequences thereof. Not reading these rules is no defense against breaking them. Individual CakeFaeries may not speak for the CakeFaeries as a whole, nor for GIVEN by CakeFaeries as a whole and as such can not use our activity or our rules as an excuse for their behaviour.

D.2) Risk Assessment. We do not believe that the activities of the Scavenger Hunt present any significant hazards, require the use of any equipment that requires special safety training, the use of or result in the production of harmful chemicals, fumes or dust, or for you to enter any dangerous or confined space.

D.3) The CakeFaeries' Scavenger Hunt is a Safer Space activity: zero personal abuse tolerated during this activity or over its running. If anyone is upset, proper apologies are expected, as are non-repeats of what caused it.

D.4) All Conduct, Safety and Disclaimer rules of participation apply also to the organizing.

D.5) We retain the right to ban any individuals who majorly or repeatedly break the Conduct, Safety or Disclaimer rules.

Official complaints about a person's behaviour during our activities will almost certainly result in banning.

Involvement of the police will definitely cause you to be banned.

To date, none of this has ever happened to somebody doing the CakeFaeries' Scavenger Hunt...

Banning may also include any individuals with a history of deliberately hurting others, or of not abiding by other activities' Conduct, Safety or Disclaimer rules in which apologizing and avoiding repeats are the procedure for defusing tensions and avoiding escalations. GIVEN by CakeFaeries' Safer Spaces' further disclaimers cover various further possible banning situations.

D.6) Nothing other than breaches of conduct or safety rules can result in a ban.

D.7) On the subject of 'did you break serious rules?', nobody is to lie to the Hunty CakeFaeries Judges, Safer Space Custodians, or to any Deputies any of these appoint to investigate such.

D.8) Not heeding a 'SafeOut' may under some circumstances suffice for a ban.

D.9) GIVEN by CakeFaeries' Disclaimer also applies, whenever required.

Bans: in the - for the CakeFaeries activity! - very unlikely event of someone seriously breaching these Important Conduct Rules of friendliness/safety/no trouble^*, they may be banned from it and may find that this ban extends to the rest of the Safer Spaces run by our Society-Group. The Great CakeFaeries' (or other Safer Space Custodians') rulings are final, and there is no right of appeal against a banning. If our Safer Spaces are messed around with, measures from our other Disclaimers may be used, or from our peoples' ways outside of what we declare on public spaces. Basically, whilst it is not all we are, we are foremost places of respite for vulnerable people, and so we will take any attacks on our Safer Space activities or our Custodians around as seriously as attacks on counselling service personnel, JCR reps or college tutors.