This will eventually be a 'Difficulties faced by Autistic/Asperger's People' Page rather than the Front Page.

1) "I think it's important for autistic people to be acknowledged, particularly because I've often heard later-diagnosed people talk about how they felt unhappy when they were young, being called 'weird' or 'quirky' - not just because those terms were used pejoratively, but because their experience was not adequately described by those terms."

This gives another reason why not to accept "Quirky" being used as a category for societies without prior and ongoing consultation of these societies.

2) "The history of the autism rights movement for people deemed 'high-functioning' has often been a disavowal of our autism as Autism, and I think it's therefore essential to be explicit about it."

We do not permit normative people, or official people, or 'society' to divide Autistic people by 'deeming' some of us to be useful and others not.

We are also aware that some Autistic people 'deemed' to be useful turn their backs on other Autistic people,

And also that some Autistic people also act spitefully toward Autistic people who have jobs, 'recognition' or a place.

We condone none of these three things here.

3) "Furthermore, I think autistic people do often need a specific set of support, and it would be great to have these Safer Spaces' ideas (eg regarding SAx, being Closeted, Stigmatised Conditions . . .) being tailored to autistic people, especially as I don't think a lot of people actually understand the condition very well!

We will be working on this between now and Summer 2022...

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2) Autism Communication Badges and Similar for use in Meetings and Conventions.

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