THE SOC-LIST WE RECOMMEND (Michaelmas 2020 Edition)

If you really want to find a soc that is particularly welcoming of you, you might find something from the following menu to work out. You're furthermore welcome to briefly discuss your search for such a soc with us (The CakeFaeries).


[Safer Spaces are Places where personal abuse is guaranteed not to be tolerated, which a number of people may at some stage very much desire.]

1. Our own Safer Space Providing Organization provides the following Safer Spaces

* GIVEN by CakeFaeries Site . . . Mailing list . We are the providers of Surprise Cake, Kindly Notes and Silly Notes :) This is mostly based on small local Bakings, and on individual or small-group "Raids" to distribute the Cake to those who sign up asking for it :) Cake can go to whichever you ask for out of rooms, pigeonholes or lighter-hearted society meetings... Most of our events are moreover run by the following further types of CakeFaeries...

* The Hunty CakeFaeries' Cooperative Scavenger Hunt Every fortnight, we release an Items List, of things to find, and/or act out, and/or draw, photograph or video. A few involve solving puzzles. Some items are subject related, college related, book or film related, and a range of unusual objects.

Past examples include most unusual flavour of chocolate, largest clock, posing as Darwin outside Darwin College (other Colleges' equivalents of this are left to your imagination :) ) and building a scale model of Minas Tirith out of a portion of fudge.

The main points of the activity are having fun, meeting people and Ally Training :) The Items List includes Silly and Duelly sections as below. Most start and end of term items are 'presented or acted out in person', whereas most mid-term items are to be presented by email, e.g. Silly CakeFaeries' chainwriting. It is specifically collaborative rather than competitive.

* The Silly CakeFaeries' Legion of the Tortoise Pep Squad

We craft tortoises and silly notes, whether or not based on tortoises. * More on us later! *

* The Silly CakeFaeries' Sheila and her Dog Society Site . . . Lovely Older Site . . . Mailing list . Currently mostly involves Chain WritingSilly/Children's Genre one line at a time, and numerous start of term, end of term and Mayweek Scavenger Silly Hunt Items Lists...

Sheila - a Society Ruled by a Long Line of Penguins all called Alan (or Alannys or Gender-Neutral Counterparts) - has been considered to be the Silliest Society in Cambridge since the 1980's :) Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Silliest of Them All? Sheila!

* The Duelly CakeFaeries and Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting (CSSW) Site . . . Mailing list . CSSW run start and end of term Outdoors Safer Spaces involving many rounds of one-hit kills water pistol battles and picnics. These can include inter-team warfare in the scavenger hunt as well as Scav Hunt Judges versus Participants rounds! It is done solely off university property. Our Rules Set is here; it is 'one drop kills' waterfighting, so people seldom get particularly wet :)

* The Duelly CakeFaeries : use the same Rules Set as CSSW (and likewise only off university property) for shorter smaller-numbers fights (usually 2 or 3 people) by mutual appointments at convenient times, and usually accompanied by exchange of cakes :) Some may do this as part of Scavenger Hunting, whereas others may do this as a personal safety activity, whether for their own use or as Ally to others.

* CakeFaerie Parenting - a parallel of College Parenting but now between CakeFaeries, is among the activities run by the Listeny CakeFaeries.

We presently assess how to render society activities socially distanced and elsewise operationally viable. *More Later*

These Safer Spaces are such that one should contact each's organizers via the above email addresses for specifics of when and where these next meet in cases for which that is not provided.


Society of Confusing Anticipation (SOCA)

This society is currently running the following not-in-person meaningful-participation activities.

Ahoj! Joha! Ohaj!

Leaves are falling from the trees! Cats are creeping out of taps and cookie jars! That's right, autumn is upon us! To help you enjoy this season, we've reinstated SOCA's very own Hunt for Scavengers! Our October list of things to do can be found on our website. New lists will be released every month; email us proof of your achievements to participate! We may share our favourite things on our Facebook page (with your permission, of course).

To sign up for our Scavenger Hunt, please email with:

your name

your college

your email address

if you have teammates or are looking for teammates :)

(optional) any proof of achievements!

Dining by candlelight,

A textbook

Callooh! Callay!


There are never enough words in the world, so join us as we create some more! Invent spontabulous new words with Word Building Jabberwocky, our fortnightly email activity! The first fortnight's theme is to invite you to make up your own Lewis-Carroll-like nonsense words!

To sign up for Word Building Jabberwocky, reply to the Assistant Spiderdragons at with:

1) Your name

2) your email address

3) your favourite made-up word (optional)

and we'll add you to the email list where each fortnight's made-up words are posted!


the Assistant Spiderdragons


This kind of being a necessity at present, we perform civic service by collating together the following resources.

Aside from the SU societies directory,

each College has its own societies, *links coming soon*

and the following student-run computing facility (srcf) page has some more as well.


We now have mirror sites Front page and mirror

to join cakefaeries, email altwelcome-cakefaeries-this-term *at*

Disclaimer: As per the ethos of the GIVEN by CakeFaeries Constitution, nobody has any right to demand to be listed here. In particular, we reserve the right to remove Socs that personally aggress people or other Socs. We are in that part of the world which loosely cooperates rather than competes.