If you really want to find a soc that is particularly welcoming of you, you might find something from the following menu to work out. You're furthermore welcome to briefly discuss your search for such a soc with us (Alternative Welcome).


[Safer Spaces are Places where personal abuse is guaranteed not to be tolerated, which a number of people may at some stage very much desire.]

1. Our own Safer Space Providing Organization provides the following Safer Spaces

* The Cakefaeries present Alternative Welcome Site . . . Mailing list . As well as our organizers having a wealth of ideas and methods for welcome-welfare and a training scheme for more such organizers, for the direct benefit of the general public, we run The CakeFaerie and a Soc-Parenting parallel of College Parenting. Use the above mailing list to join either of these too :) These are ongoing activities based on small-numbers interactions. Whilst the CakeFaeries also have Start of Term Baking Parties and the SocFamily has End-of-term Family Meals, most of our Events are run by the following two Socs.

* Sheila and her Dog Society Site . . . Lovely Older Site . . . Mailing list . Currently mostly involves Chain WritingSilly/Children's Genre one line at a time. This Activity is also known as the Silly CakeFaeries' Option.

It may include Fortnightly Indoors Safer Spaces involving Reading Children's Books in Silly Voices and Drinking Hot Cocoa; these may also include drawing pictures for the Chainstory and/or finishing Chainstory threads around the end of term.

Sheila has long been considered to be the Silliest Society in Cambridge.

* Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting (CSSW) Site . . . Mailing list . Fortnightly Outdoors Safer Spaces involving many rounds of one-hit kills water pistol battles and picnics. This is done solely off university property. Our Rules Set is here.

* The Duelly CakeFaeries : we use the same Rules Set as CSSW for shorter smaller-numbers fights (usually 2 or 3 people) by mutual appointments at convenient times, and usually accompanied by exchange of cakes :) This is also a personal safety activity, and is also only done off university property.

These Safer Spaces are such that one should contact each's organizers via the above email addresses for specifics of when and where these next meet in cases for which that is not provided.

2. Safer Spaces provided by others that have or have had some things in common with ours: CUSFS (Science Fiction Society)

Site ... Mailing list

This Society provides:

* Discussion Evenings Sundays 19:30 Castle End Meeting Rooms, The Colony, Clare College

* Film Nights (at least some Tuesday evenings, for now in Christ's TV Room, though this may e.g. include the occasional cinema outing).

* Pub nights (Thursday evenings, at the Castle for now, though possibly at other pubs on other occasions).

* CUSFS Chain writing.

This involves each person writing 250 words, then the next, then the next, until we reach something resembling an ending. It is great fun, requires very little commitment (you will, at some point this term, be given a three-day window in which to write a few hundred words of nonsense, and that's all your involvement has to be), and is very silly. Email CUSFS to find out how to sign up, with your name and any preferences you have - whether you wish to write anonymously, whether you have any genre preferences or preferences about where you are in the chain (including if you'd like to start or finish a chain) and whether you'd be interested in being part of multiple chains. Ask the above mailing list about this :)

* CUSFS possess a huge library of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, which its members can borrow books from.

* Occasional Viking-related Events (Jomsborg) run by a second committee of theirs, which, once upon a time was a separate Fantasy Society.

* End of term Games Evenings.

3. Safer Spaces provided by others that have or have had some things in common with ours: RockSoc

Site ... Mailing list .

This society provides:

* Pubmeets on Thursday Evenings location varies

* Rocksoc Wake Up Screaming Club Nights 1 Friday a month 9:30 till late at the Q Club.


We currently approve of the current ventures (none are Safer Spaces).

* Lent 2017 Assassins' Guild Game: see hereabout this amusing way of meeting people, making friends with them and mock-killing them with a range of safe and non-alarming toy weaponry :)

If you're reading this past Jan 20-something, the signup deadline for playing in that may have passed; none the less, you can still sign up as 'Assassins Police', who -a-p-p-r-e-h-e-n-d- tastefully inhume naughty and especially incompetent assassins in weeks 4 to 6 (or whenever a player has been naughty, called 'made Wanted'. Email .

Assassins now furthermore has a Socials Page, with pubmeets, end of term duel announced, as well as Police 'Inco-Bash' hunts. It's plausible from past form that board games socials would be added to this...

* Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) run by CLS (Cambridge LARP Society) are starting up a brand-new two-year quest in an elegant and magical world. LARPers play characters at an indoor gathering on Fridays, and on the Grantchester Meadows on Saturdays. Part-time and supporting participants play costumed 'monsters' who attack the characters in both these locations.

* We'll keep you posted if this develops additional social activities :) and also if we find the Fire Jugglers or yet other nice people :)

* CULES (Light Entertainment Society) pubmeet on Thursdays in variable locations. Site A social email list for CULES is Twister .

* Games Evenings at Alex and Rachael's 9 Ellesmere Road, CB4 2HP, Mondays 8pm until about midnight. "Possibilities as usual include a variety of options, to suit all tastes from deeply strategic to frivolously insane." This is certified as, in particular, Grad-friendly.

* Our own Safer Spaces neither constitute a dating service nor have any such as some subset. However, for those of you at Cambridge University...


Welcome to, a free chat and romance site set up specifically for members of Cambridge University.

It's philanthropic: we do this purely for the satisfaction of making people happy, and we are delighted when we succeed.

Of course, there is no charge, no 'data-mining', no advertising, no 'premium features', and we respect your privacy.

Their diversity policy has recently been upgraded to be inclusive of a wide range of peoples :) (Trans*, Nonbinary, GenderQueer, Ace, Aro, Poly...)



The UniCORNS - University of Cambridge Open-Relationship and Non-monogamy Society - have asked to be advertised here: see this link :)



* Quidditch is played by all genders together, indeed with a minimum quota of gender diversity required. It would appear that being willing to be Out to your Team Captain is sufficient: these state that the quotas are met before matches, but not how. Note: this is usually a contact sport. Non-contact Quidditch exists but for now remains rather rarer.

* At least some of the Ultimate Frisbee is played entirely regardless of gender or gender expression.

* Cambridge Safer Spaces Waterfighting is battled out entirely regardless of gender or gender expression.

Each of the previous two bulletpoints can constitute physical exercise if one so wishes.

* One might also consider LARP weapons practise and the Duelly CakeFaerie in a similar vein, and the Mayweek version of Assassins can involve a lot of long walks and chases if one so wishes :)

* There isn't anything stopping many other sports being run entirely regardless of gender or gender expression and/or with Quidditch-like gender quotas. Why for instance have 'separate men and women's teams' for playing pool? Other possibilities include non-contact football, tennis doubles, softball, sports that usually already lack contact elements such as basketball. Such things could be done concurrently to gendered sports, just at another time and perhaps in another place in some cases. (College football pitches, say, can sometimes be 'reserved' for 'official' teams only; things like that can be a hurdle for some gender/nonbinary inclusive sports. One can none the less be resourceful and make do: e.g. play the football match on Parkers' Piece or Queens' Backs using coats for goalposts. For tennis, there are public courts on Jesus Green, and most colleges don't care who their college member plays with on their tennis courts, with bookings being free.)


Disclaimer: As per the ethos of the Alternative Welcome and Softpoms Constitutions, nobody has any right to demand to be listed here. In particular, we reserve the right to remove Socs that personally aggress people or other Socs. We are in that part of the world that loosely cooperates rather than competes.