Pansexuality is a sexual orientation consisting of legal and consensual interest, irrespective of gender. This include potential interest: as Pansexuals, we acknowledge having the potential to be sexually attracted to people irrespective of their gender.

Panromanticism is a romantic orientation comprising legal and consensual interest irrespective of gender. This again includes potential interest: as Panromantics, we acknowledge having the potential to be romantically and emotionally involved with people irrespective of their gender.

Having observed that little more than definitions along these lines, and flags and mascots are currently available on the internet, here are 10 more things about Pans :)

1) Pans do not necessarily feel attraction in the same way toward each gender. *link to a page of examples*

2) Nor do Pans necessarily feel attraction toward each gender to the same extent.

3) While the above two matters also apply to Bi people, Pan includes attraction, or potential attraction, to people who do not fit into the male-female gender binary. This includes both people of further genders and persons that each express, or belong to, more than one gender.

4) Pans far from necessarily feel attraction toward people of different genders in the same time period. As with Bi, Pan is often manifested by the sequence of people dated not being all of one gender. Except that with Pan, this has the potential to include people of more than two genders People are furthermore free to view themselves as Pan even if they have not yet felt attracted to, or dated, people of more than two genders. This is what we mean by 'potential' in all uses above.

5) Stating oneself to be Pan, rather than Bi, is sometimes done with intent to acknowledge the other genders and gender identities. One should however make no assumptions about people who state they are Straight, Gay or Bi in this regard. For a few might be Closet-Pan, or only realize they are or might be Pan upon feeling attraction toward some person not on the gender binary. This cannot however be used as an excuse to bother anybody who says they are Not Interested in you. For people have the right to be attracted to whichever combination of genders and gender expressions, and to be free from having to say No repeatedly to anybody they do not want any intimacy with.

6) Pan started to get recognition from activists in around 2014, and became part of a local uni's LGBT group in around 2019, in the form of their Bi rep post becoming a Bi-and-Pan rep post.

7) Pankink is a kink orientation comprising legal safety-aware consensual interest irrespective of gender. This again includes potential interest: as Pankink people, we acknowledge having the potential for kink involvement with people irrespective of their gender.

[Pankink symbol requested]

8) A person is Panquestioning if the process of thinking, or discovering, that they might be Pansexual, Panromantic or a Pankink person.

[Panquestioning symbol requested]

9) Some Panromantics suggest that they are gender-blind. This means that gender is insignificant or irrelevant to their determining sexual, romantic or kink attraction to others.

[To our scouts: has this ever been given a symbol?]

10) Pan Challenge The words 'Pansexual', 'Panromantic', 'Panquestioning' and 'Pankink' are derived from the Greek prefix 'pan-', meaning "all". Find some other nice words containing such use of 'pan'.

For now, 'panacea' is one such: a cure-for-everything.

Contributions from this challenge are posted here (New!).

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