These are updates on what we had before, so some well known one's aren't here out of already being on our main helpline page. This update is COVID motivated: mental health issues being cited is up around 3-fold (Sept 2020).


* Cambridge Nightline and National Nightline.

* 12 step programs, inclding for talk to in person which is what I feel I need most right now.

* Emotions Anonymous (EA) / Al-Anon, noting that EA is less widespread for now, and thus newer, less well-known and offering other areas of support.

* CUSU has a resource on supporting a friend

* Papyrus

* Rethink mental illness text lines exist in some parts of the UK *project: investigate which, and whether they have a helpline hub*.

* Relate online webchat.


* Cakefaeries' virtual stall: find icebreaker activities all year round. Also dispenses conceptual and scientific method based support with getting you own society's COVID period activities to actually work, unto those who abide by the safer space rules under which this virtual stall operates.

* Group journaling projects, where journal prompts are sent out by email and some of them are shared publicly if you choose to enable sharing them;

* Newsletters and monthly magazines by 12 step groups

* Blurt (a charity)'s Quaranzines [inviting people to make zines during quarantine].