We are part of the CakeFaeries.

Visit Socbridge for our and others' Society Stalls open All Year Round! Including timetable of Squashes All Year Round. And a timetable of Meetings for Greeting Newcomers and Beginners All Year Round.

I. What are Cakefaeries?

The main CakeFaeries activity in Cambridge involves Surprise Cake!

Whether as a means of briefly meeting other CakeFaeries, or of Cake materializing in your pigeonhole...

Consult the above link for more about this, including how to sign up.


II. What are Duelly Cakefaeries?

1) Our exchanges of cake are accompanied by small-numbers Duels (usually 2 or 3 people) with safe and unalarming toy weaponry.

These are by mutual appointments at convenient times, and are always done off university property.

2) We also have Battle and Capture the Flag Events - the larger team version of Duelling - called Cambridge Safer Spaces Waterfighting (CSSW).

Both Duels and Battles are run under the following CakeFaerie Duels and Safer Space Battles Rules Set. These supplement the CakeFaerie Rules - for the cake-giving activity itself - as regards 'matters of combat'.

In particular, Rules XV to XIX here summarize some extra points to bear in mind in doing this in addition to the general themselves.


III. So what other kinds of CakeFaeries are there?

[The above and below pictures are moreover links. Click on whichever to see more :) ]

* Bakey CakeFaeries bake cakes.

* Scouty CakeFaeries cause the Surprise Cakes to Magically Appear :)

* In the Silly CakeFaeries option, Surprise Cake comes with Silliness... (Icebreaker!) In this option, which some also call "Sheila and her Dog" :) silly/children's book genre rhymes and puns accompany the cake, and some such lines find their way into Silly Chainstories.

* Listeny CakeFaeries provide the CakeFaerie Parenting options: a parallel of College Parenting :) and also Safer Space Awareness Pages (scroll to the end of this page).

CakeFaeries can moreover be whichever combination of Bakey, Scouty, Duelly, Silly, Listeny, or none at all.

As a Society, we are strong on passive participants' rights to get a good deal out of activities.

Finally, all CakeFaerie Activities are one and the same kind of Safer Spaces We consider this to be a much more significant aspect than what our activities consist of. (click on any of the above or below pictures to link to the corresponding activity). Indeed, our activities are best understood as a collection of what happen to work as Icebreaker Activities for The New, The Shy and The Different, among which the most common and often first encountered is Surprise Cake.

* All activities we run are furthermore General-Purpose Safer Spaces . This means Safer for a wide variety people at once. This then works for people who are not Out (about whatever) as well as for those who are.

* The CakeFaerie News link below may be useful in pointing to upcoming activities as well as recent past ones :)


IV. A bit more about Duelly CakeFaeries as a Safer Space.

3) The Duelly CakeFaerie is moreover a personal safety activity.

* Some do Duelly CakeFaeries for fun, some for their own personal safety reasons, and some as Allies to others We here respect this difference in motivation; indeed, the presence of for-fun participants is much of what allows Closeted people to participate (posing as for-fun participants). It is of course possible for a participant to be there for any two of these reasons, or all three.

* The CSSW Archive link above contains over two decades' worth of battles by us and others, as well as some of the joint evolution of safer space societies and toy weapons societies in Cambridge.


To join, mail cakefaeries at gmail.com.