A large majority of Survivors are Closeted. A very large majority of Avoidant Survivors and Non-Normative Survivors are Closeted.

Anywhere not making specific provision for Closeted people is, de facto, letting down a large majority of Survivors by rendering the place/service in question Unapproachable.

Accommodating Survivors and Closeted people are thus not only individually difficult tasks requiring systemic changes, but need to be tackled together. Trying to deal with these piecemeal is never effective as far as Closeted Survivors are concerned...


The Introduction's main issue is posed in the last link below. This is however unlikely to be comprehensible unless you read pages about Closeted issues and pages about Survivor issues first

Survivor Links

Broadening inclusion of Survivors by broadening understanding of what people perceive as sexual

A start on the true diversity of Survivors

Some basic points concerning Survivors.

Some basic points concerning Non-Normative Survivors

Non-normative Survivors more generally

Some basic points concerning Survivors can be inferred from the following

Closeted Links

The main issue

On Survivor and Closeted matters being too interlinked for separate support of either to be widely effective.

What many Closeted and/or Survivor people say being an Ally to them actually entails

See this link.

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