On the morning of the first day of the Scavenger Hunt (Thursday 14 June: the say before 'the start of Mayweek') a list of over 500 items will be released.

These items are things to find, and/or act out, and/or draw, photograph or video. A few involve comepeting with other teams, or solving puzzles. Some items are subject related, college related, book or film related, and a range of unusual objects.

Past examples include most unusual flavour of chocolate, largest clock, posing as Darwin outside Darwin College (other Colleges' equivalents of this are left to your imagination :) ) and building a scale model of Minas Tirith out of a portion of fudge.

The main points of the activity are having fun and meeting people :)

You have until 3pm on Saturday to bring our Judges some items to score. The Judges will operate out of a Picnic Fortress, and thus often have picnic food available for participants :)

Items are awarded points; it is always possible to score at least part of the points with partial efforts :)

The team with most points wins, gets a trophy with their team name on it to keep for the year, and, customarily, gets to run and judge next year's Scavenger Hunt :) Moreover, we reiterate, the main point of the activity is that it is fun, good clean fun: laughing with people rather than at them :)

To participate, sign up, whether as an individual or as a team, by emailing sheila.chainstory *at*

Individuals are welcome to sign up early, seek to form a team and then tell us who the team are :)

Once you have them, write in again naming your team mates and providing a Team Name :)

Team names tend to be one or both of Silly and Descriptive. The reigning champions are known as "A Supply and Confidence Deal between Lord Buckethead and the Inanimate Carbon Rod". Other past winning teams' names include "The Boom Squad", "Robyn kicks you in the face" and "Purple Clouds". Some further team names include "The Fantastic Five", "Bazelgette and the Englings", "This is Sparta", " Ducklings of the Apocalypse, and "The Bermuda Pentagon" :)

NEWSFLASH (Tuesday 12 June)

* Some of us are running Cambridge's Scavenger Hunt from a Picnic Fortress on Queens' Backs. This is on Thurs 14th through to Sat 16th. Each day we start at 10:00, ending at 20:00 on Thurs, Fri and at 15:00 on Sat. To sign up, fill in the below, or just turn up at some point to show us, draw us, act out... fun Scavenger Hunt items from this year's Secret Items List which will be released 'overnight' on Wednesday :)

* As well as the expected college/subject related silliness and finding various picturesque locations, this year will feature Items List sections on

Retro Items


Dr Who



Mythical Creatures



Telling Tall Tales



Joke Candidates,

and more :)

By this, it's clear that this is a Bakey Faerie activity, a Duelly, Scouty and Listeny CakeFaerie activity, as well as a Silly CakeFaerie activity :) And indeed an activity in which people can participate via using, knowing and loving many another (esp lighter-hearted) societies' stuff :) There's something in it for everyone :)

Now that The Time is Nigh, Further Newsflashes may feature here or be linked to here :)

NEWSFLASH (Wednesday 13 June)

So far, we have the following teams

* Avocado the Iridescent Bernard

* I am Spartacus and so is my College Wife

* Teamname To Be Announced A

* Teamname To Be Announced B

* Possible Coalition C

* Various individual signups

NEWSFLASHES (Thursday 14 June)

This year's Items List has just been linked to: here :)



DuckSoc 137

I don't know the name I haven't met my team mate yet 113 1/2 with four portraits and a purrpetual motion machine

un-named 9



Avocado the Iridescent Bernard 257.5 with a 5-person wolf outfit :)

I don't know the name I haven't met my team mate yet 156 1/2

DuckSoc 149

unnamed 1 17

un-named 2 3 1/2


I am Spartacus and so is my College Wife: 1215 3/4, with Tripos songs, Wheel of Time references, Closets, more than 200 Egg Puns, pointing out somewhat over 100 multi-theme items on the list, Tall Tales with a 20-metre-long front portion of a (Trojan) Duck as Evidence, Literal Depictions of 40 Rock Bands, and Oxford and Durham College Battle Robots as well as Cambridge ones.

AVOCADO THE IRIDESCENT BERNARD? 844, with a 5-person Giant Wolf outfit with beetroot juice re-enactment of Princess Moonoke, both regular and Duck-like Opera Singing, Tall Tales with plenty of 'Evidence', a Dr Who Play covering over 20 items, lots of Epic Music, Chainwriting, a Fondant Spacehopper Race, and an actual draft of "A Supply and Confidence Deal Between Lord Buckethead and the Inanimate Carbon Rod"

I don't know the name I haven't met my team mate yet 589, exibiting Mastery of Plushies, Cartoon Strips, Toy Guns and finally Fondant Art in that order. In particular with a rock dressed to Rock in a Fondant Leather Jacket and Black Cat Sidekick, and many Literal Interpretations of Films made out of Fondant.

DuckSoc 163

Un-named 1 17

Un-named 2 11 1/2 including the Best Attempt on the fiendish Rubik's Dodecahaedron :)

Comment: this is the first time a Scavenger Hunt has been won by an entirely Closeted Team using Meaningful Indirect Participation. Congratulations! And thanks to all other Participants, Judges and Items List Writers. The Winners' Winning Statement:

"No, I am Spartacus and so is our College Cat!"

Fondant-Art: a rock dressed to Rock, with a Cat Sidekick and a Cross-Gothed rock.

5-person Wolf Costume (Princess Mononoke): to Epic Music!

Tree best dressed as a person, partly made out of Fondant.

Tree Ned Stark would most likely pray to

Tardis Cake: Chocolate Cake, Best Decorated Cake, Time Machine and a Closet with reasons to wish for further Closet Rights. In Fondant, to double all scores.

Most unusual Plushie: a Plush Iron!

And finally, some highlights from the Colleges turning into Battle Robots to fight it out for the amusement of the tourists' 5-page Royal Rumble...

The Scavenger Hunt Rules have 3 sections of serious rules you Must Read to participate: Conduct, Safety and Disclaimer. And one section of detailed rules of Scavenger Hunting itself.

See here for a past year's items list to get more of an idea about this lovely activity :)