* The basic idea is for us, and others, to encourage more socs to, if sincere, badge their flyers and constitutions. Particularly in cases in which a badge is both needed and scarce, our own institution may set up a soc TO carry that badge, whether or not this is part of a society multiplicity by type of activity.

* Badging is for such as flyers or constitutions to carry protective-inclusive welfare words such as "grad-friendly", "inclusive of Anglia Ruskin", "Trans-friendly" or the more widely encompassing "this is a Safer Space, no personal abuse tolerated, a person is upset if they say they are, apologies are to be expected, a person who complains about a particular kind of abuse has a right to expect them as did it to refrain from repeats in their presence". This last one is, to us, the Ace of Badges for its multi-purposeness and tolerance.

* Badging is a guarantee of a minimum amount of places that do not discriminate, explicitly or implicitly, that are clearly flagged as such and advertiseable as such and to which welfare conduits can explicitly direct people who've had more than enough of elitist snobbery, ageism, trans-phobia, personal abuse ... elsewhere, so that they absolutely need their next try at finding a Soc to be guaranteed to be free of such prejudices/thoughtlessnesses.

* Time allowing, we'll give a pretty full list of useful badges here. We note that some indicate stating a choice where both horns of the choice are OK from a moral/tolerant point of view. Sometimes the totality of people interested in an activity need be separated into more than one group for maximal tolerance.

Example 1) is having a ladies-only option for self-defense classes.

Example 2) is to have a specifically non-drinking variant for popular activities which a sizeable number of participants do associate with drinking (such as inter-college football, in which plenty of international students frankly don't see why the team should be made up of people who adopt the drinking culture of the senior players; this is a common source of alienation within an elsewise widely embracing and appropriate activity). So that those who wish for drinking to be part of it can continue to do so if they so wish, but without shutting others out from making specifically non-drinking teams. It'd be interesting to see if people could start entering teams based on other than college into the leagues, or set up football leagues based on societies rather than colleges.