ACE :) ARO :) GREY :) DEMI :)

Asexuals (Aces) have no desire or wish for sex, and Aromantics (Aros) have no desire or wish for romance.

People can be either, both or neither.

Aces and Aros are currently starting to be Out.

We write this is recognition and support :)

Summary concerning Ace/Aro by the Trevor Project

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Additionally, some Aces and Aros consider these aspects of ourselves to be not discrete but a continuous spectrum: some people consider ourselves to be Grey Aces and/or Aros.

A different case is that of Demi Ace or Aro, who are capable of, respectively, sexual and romantic feelings, but only toward people with whom they have already formed a deep connection.

Once again a reminder that one can view oneself at ours in discrete or continuum terms but is not to attempt to impose any such considerations upon any others.

In that and other ways Greys and Demis are explicitly welcome at ours :)

Some of us Aces and Aros, whether or not Grey or Demi, have experienced a lot of prejudices, many of which remain widely unknown.

Bear in mind that some of us have been massively affected by such.

Asexuality and Consent Issues

Ace relationship issues

Ace relationship issues

Quite a lot of Aces are Anactivistic; click on the above Anacondalicorn button to read about what this means!