ACategorical people

1) These are people who refuse to be categorized.

In some cases, they use their name instead of a list of labels such as LGBT, Pan, Ace, Poly...

In other cases, they never considered any such labels to apply to them.

2) A few people even refuse to be categorized as acategorical, so an 'Acategorical' page is both for these and for those who (publicly or privately) identify as Acategorical.

3) Some Acategorical people were once label-using people. In some cases, they became 'million label' people and then passed to being acategorical in such a limit.

4) But other Acategorical people always were acategorical, or transitioned to being Acategorical by other than a 'Million Labels' limit.

5) ACategorical people can be accommodated in spaces where everyone is entitled to their own worldview and nobody pushes their own worldview upon others.

This way, oneself being acategorical about, say, sexual orientation, in no way precludes anyone else from considering sexual orientation labels to apply to themself.

6) "Acategorical" is then an answer to many questions. For instance, as well as the genders Male, Female, the spectrum in between, Male-and-Female, Other genders and spectra between whichever genders, another answer to gender is "I don't consider the concept of 'gender' to apply to me". This is different from answering "other" or "none". None would be an agendered person, as opposed to a 'gender-doesn't apply to me' person.

Acategorical people often don't want to fill in any 'personal characteristic' tick-boxes. None the less, we would prefer for such boxes to not only always be optional, but also include 'other answer' boxes as opposed to 'other' (value) boxes, as well as 'don't wish to answer' boxes. E.g. gender tick boxes taking the form 'M, F, other value (explanation welcome), other answer, and 'don't wish to answer'.

7) Acategorical people who are acategorical about gender occasionaly ask not to have pronouns. Others sometimes say that any pronouns will do.

See the Glossary for more about pronouns.

8) Some Acategorical people may not acknowledge such as 'birth names'. Some might wish to be known only by no-names or by disposable pseudonyms.

9) "Each person has the right to be just themself" is quite a common saying among Acategorical people.

Some Acategorical people here have adopted the Cat Whose Ears are A's as our mascot :)